About Us

What we really do

We help businesses (our partners) list their products or deals on our website. We signup online sales vendors that work with us on our website to push and sell those products or deals faster.

Our Mission

Our mission is to participate in the growth of businesses across the world, while contributing in providing revenue opportunities especially for the unemployed youths in Africa.

Our History

We launched our first project in April 2017. It was initially designed to support growing businesses online through business listings and advertising. In October 2018, we relaunched into an e-commerce multi-sided marketplace model.

Partner with us!

For product owners we mostly accept products that are of personal and of home use. We work closely with Ace.ng to ensure swift pickup and delivery of your products sold on our website.

For service providers we accept packages or deals i.e. weekend stay at hotel or flight ticket to Dubai.

To partner, kindly email us at [email protected]

We strive to ensure we support our customers and partners at any time they reach out to us. Our service is always live.

We ensure that products and deals that we sell for our partners on our website are of good quality, credible and of good standards.

We work with our delivery partner to ensure swift delivery of products across the world.

Our customer service is always available to help, and we are growing our team of smart and friendly support operators to better serve our partners, sales vendors and their customers.

We only launched in October, 2018 and we already have more than 200 happy customers and 500 happy sales vendors.

We are growing our list of sales vendors every day as more and more people are signing up and selling products on our website to make revenue for themselves.